Major Labor Union Urges Congress to Reject Anti-Sugar Amendment

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) yesterday sent Democratic members of the House of Representatives a letter urging them to “oppose the Virginia Foxx and Danny Davis anti-sugar farmer and sugar worker amendment.”

As Sugar Prices Plummet, Foreign Subsidies Rise and Big Candy Targets U.S. Farmers

Agricultural critics are looking to cut U.S. sugar farmers out of the Farm Bill, effectively leaving them vulnerable to a new slew of foreign trade abuses and falling prices

Sugar Producers Send Letter to Conaway, Peterson Prior to Mark-Up

The American Sugar Alliance sent a letter to leaders of the House Agriculture Committee thanking the panel’s members for supporting sugar policy and asking for support in defeating possible Farm Bill amendments.

Michigan Sugarbeet Farmers Look for Relief from Low Prices

Today, Michigan Sugar pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy each year. Sugar is a seasonal product with busy periods during summer and the fall baking seasons. But retailers and food-makers don’t take delivery of an entire season’s worth of sugar all at once. They expect the sugar producing industry to warehouse the product until its needed.

The Sugar Policy Debate In Four Short Videos

Sugar doesn’t come from the grocery store. It comes from American farms and American factories that support American jobs. Watch the sugar policy debate in four short videos.

Families and Farm Policies Fuel Florida’s Sweetest Industry

Clewiston is proudly called America’s sweetest town. But for the families that grow sugarcane in Florida, life hasn’t been too sweet lately. They’ve felt the impact of Mexico illegally dumping highly subsidized sugar on the U.S. market, sending prices into a tailspin.

Today in Ag News: Mother Nature Foils Farmers’ Plans…Again

Nearly 60 banks and Certified Public Accountants sent Congress a letter opposing the Sugar Farmer Bankruptcy Bill.

Snow, and Worry, Blankets Small Sugar Town in Nebraska

Sugar prices tanked when Mexico broke U.S. trade law and flooded the market with subsidized imports years ago. While that problem has been addressed, the aftereffects are still lingering.

Family Fuels Louisiana’s Sugar Tradition

America has had a sugar policy in some form since the country was founded.  And Louisiana was the first place where the crop was planted – tracing its roots back more than 200 years.

Time is Ticking for California Sugar Families

Sugar is widely considered the world’s most volatile commodity market because of widespread subsidization. The Rutherfords, like other American sugarbeet and sugarcane farmers, rely on a U.S. sugar policy comprised of import limits and producer loans to cope.