‘Faces of Sugar Policy’ Series Starts on the Front Lines

ASA launches new campaign to show lawmakers what’s at stake for cane and beet farmers across the country as they debate the future of sugar.

Union Workers Pave The Way for Sugar Farmers

Union workers joined farmers on Capitol Hill this week to help spread the message, “Don’t cut my family out of the Farm Bill.” 

Sugar Farmers to Congress: Don’t Cut My Family Out of the Farm Bill

Sugar farmers from across the country descended today on Capitol Hill for two weeks of meetings with lawmakers. And their message is crystal clear: “Don’t cut my family out of the Farm Bill.”

Ag Committees’ Leadership Praise Sugar Farmers, Sugar Policy

House and Senate Agriculture Committee leadership took time out of their busy schedules to address the annual meeting of the American Sugarbeet Growers Association in D.C. recently – a testament to the importance of the sugar industry to our nation’s agricultural economy.

Farmers’ Share of Valentine’s Day Sales is Heartbreaking

ASA released an infographic noting that sugar producers see just 2 cents from a $7.99 heart-shaped box of chocolates.